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This site is dedicated to Robin's mother, Ruby Harris who passed away on March 7, 2000.  We were privileged to share many trips to the islands with her and Robin's father.  Sharing the time with them added to our enjoyment of each trip and we loved to be their tour guides.  It made every day and activity special to share it with them.  Her last trip to Hawaii was in May 1998.  We will undoubtedly never see the sun set over Molokai from West Maui without remembering her and how special those sunsets were in 1998 as we enjoyed the magic of the islands together.  Below is a picture of Robin with her parents on our last trip with them to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary.

The dedication above was written when this site was first published in late 2000.  Sadly, Robin and her father Homer have now also passed away too so the site is now dedicated to all three of them. 

If the thought of beautiful beaches, sunny days with an occasional brief shower and refreshing trade winds excites you, we have much in common.  I now live on the Big Island of Hawaii and try to keep the material on this web site timely and accurate.

No other place on earth surpasses Hawaii.  I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Europe, the Middle East, and many parts of the U.S.  I hope to return to some of them, but will always look forward to returning to these enchanted islands of Hawaii.

Your time while on vacation is too valuable to spend flipping through a book looking for what you want to do, so use this site in planning what you will do before you leave.  My goal is to inform you of many of the options available and give you my opinion as you decide what you want to do.  

The opinions expressed on this site are strictly mine and are based on my experience.  I do my best to experience Hawaii as tourists (which I was for many years) and report accurately to you.   I accept requests to review sites, activities, and establishments in Hawaii, but  I always visit them as an anonymous tourist and pay my own way to ensure I am treated the same way you will be treated if you decide to visit them yourself.  While there may be commercial content on some of the pages, our tips are based entirely on our experiences. 

I would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and feedback on the content and format of this site and will reply if requested.  I live on Hawaii's Big Island and very interested in what you consider the highlights of your trip (no matter which island you visit) and whether you agree with the material on this site.   Send an e-mail by using the feedback button or send an e-mail to me at George@HawaiiTips.com

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