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Opaekaa Falls
Kauai's `Opaeka`a Falls near Wailua
The Hawaiian Islands are among the most beautiful places on earth.  Volcanic mountains created millions of years ago collect snow in winter.  Rain forests display lush tropical vegetation.  Many miles of sun-drenched white sand beaches are scattered around the shores of the islands.  The physical beauty of the environment is awesome, but Hawaii offers more than volcanoes, tropical forests, sun, beaches, and tropical drinks.

Each island is unique.  Oahu has Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and many other sights that people usually think of when the word Hawaii is mentioned.  Maui has the dormant volcano Haleakala whose crater resembles a moonscape rather than a tropical island.  The Big Island has the Volcanoes National Park with an active volcano.  Kauai has the "Grand Canyon" of the Pacific, the lushness of its north shore, and the rainiest spot on earth.  Molokai has much to offer but is most remembered for Kalaupapa, the leper colony.  Lanai offers luxury and solitude.  

Many of the best things about Hawaii are free including many hiking trails, the warm ocean, palm lined beaches, the sun, and sunsets you will never forget.  Snorkeling is free if you own your own equipment (which can be purchased for less than $100) and the equipment is inexpensive if you need to rent it.  Each island offers a wide variety of geography and climate, activities, and scenery.  Things to see and do range from parachute jumps, parasailing, and multiple day hikes, to museums and art galleries.  The best way to enjoy Hawaii is to get out and explore.  Rent a car, or check into the many guided tours that are offered.  There are many hikes, historical sights, and "undiscovered beaches" waiting just for you.  

Click an island name to the right and review some of the many things on that island to see on your trip.


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Big Island
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