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Kauai Facts

Nicknamed the Garden Island, Kauai is the northernmost and oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands.  Its natural beauty is impressive.  The cooler north shore has lush landscaping, the southern shore is dry and mostly sunny year-round, the west coast is the home of the impressive Waimea Canyon, and the spectacular sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast are on the northwest.  Land, sea, and air tours are
available for sightseeing but most visitors will want to rent a car to get around the island.  A highway runs near the coastline around most of Kauai, from Polihale on the west coast to Haena on the north coast.  It cuts inland across the southeastern tip of the island.

Like the other Hawaiian islands, the weather you experience on Kauai is more dependent on location than on season.  It is the location of the rainiest spot on earth, 5,148 foot Mt. Waialeale which receives an average of more than 450 inches of rain per year.  But, southern Kauai is dry and mostly sunny year-round.  Northern Kauai is on the leeward side of the island and gets more rain.  Winter is the rainy season when you may see rain for a week or longer on the north shore.

Na Pali Coast
The Rugged Na Pali Coast Viewed From a Helicopter
The island has been the location where more than 50 Hollywood films were made.   You can visit scenes where South Pacific, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and many other movies were filmed.

It has a population of only a little more than 50,000.  Most of the island's vacationers stay around the eastern and southeastern shores (from Kapaa to Poipu) although many also stay on the northern shore around Princeville.

For those who love golf, the greens here stay lush without much tending.  Princeville is Kauai's top area for golf with championship courses (Makai and Prince).  Lihue has the Kauai Lagoons and the Poipu Bay course is located in Koloa.


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