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Lanai Facts

You will probably arrive on Lanai aboard an Island Air Dash-8 turboprop plane.  Be prepared to walk down the plane's steps because there are no jet ways at Lanai airport.  The airport consists of one small boarding area.  There is an agricultural inspection station but it has limited hours. If it's open when your flight leaves, you can check your bags direct to the U.S. mainland or international destination. 

Nicknamed The Pineapple Island, Lanai was once the home of the world's largest pineapple plantation with more than 16,000 acres of pineapple. Today there are only a few acres of pineapple to supply local needs.  The quiet island is now the home of two luxury resorts which
offer world class accommodations in a truly secluded environment.
  The only town on the island is Lanai City where most of the island's 3,200 residents live.  It is located 1,600 feet above sea level which tends to keep it cool  The island has less than 30 miles of paved roads which means much of it can only be discovered by hiking or a 4-wheel drive vehicle. 

Manele Bay and Hulopo'e Bay are designated as marine preserves and are among the best snorkeling and diving locations in the islands.  Spinner dolphins often come to play in Hulopo'e Bay not too far off shore.  The island also offers two excellent golf courses, the
Shipwreck Beach
Shipwreck Beach with Molokai in the Background
rugged landscape called the Garden of the Gods, miles of deserted beaches, and the Munro Trail which must be explored by hiking or with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

As the pressure and stress of daily responsibilities, deadlines, and problems mount and make you yearn for somewhere to get away from it all, Lanai is a place to relax and regain a sense of inner tranquility.  Here you can reward yourself with quiet time to read a novel while being pampered with excellent service at one of the resorts.  It is truly a remote getaway but Maui is only a short ferry ride away for those who would like to spend a day shopping or have variety in sightseeing or golf and then return to this remote paradise.

A long weekend on the island of Lanai.  In April, 2005 we spent four days on Lanai and returned a couple of times since. Here are some highlights of the trip.  They aren't in order of importance because everything was great!
  • The Manele Bay Hotel sets atop low cliffs overlooking beautiful Hulopo'e Beach.  
  • The view from the room was striking, but we spent most of our days at the beach, or beside the pool.  There are complimentary lounges and umbrellas for hotel guests at both the beach and pool
  • Snorkeling was good on the left side of the beach, although you had to swim out about 100 yards for the clearest water. 
  • The spinner dolphins in Hulopo'e Bay were often close to shore.  If you swam out about 100 - 150 yards from the beach and waited, the dolphins swam around and below you. 
  • The restaurants at the Manele Bay Hotel, the Lodge at Ko'ele, and the Lanai City Grille in Hotel Lanai, are excellent. 
  • There were other great things about our trips, such as a short hike to Pu'upehe (known now as Sweetheart Rock) near Hulopo'e and Hawaiian music and hula at the Great Hall of Ko'ele Lodge performed by employees of the resorts.



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