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You will find some of the largest and least visited beaches in the state on west Molokai, but they are basically unsafe for swimming except in the dead calm of summer.  Be very cautious because you cannot count on lifeguards on Molokai beaches.  

Molokai Beaches

Life Guards Rest Rooms Showers Picnic Areas Swim Snorkel
Kepuhi Beach - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Papohaku Beach - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pohakuloa Beach - - Yes - Yes Yes
Halawa Beach Park - - - - Yes Yes

Kepuhi Beach   This wide beach fronts what was once the Kaluakoi Hotel and Golf Resort.  It is good for sunbathing but swimming can be dangerous, especially in the winter when giant swells and heavy rip tides occur.  There are no life guards and numerous boulders give you a clue that it is hazardous.  Outdoor showers are available at the resort.

Papohaku Beach   This 3-mile long golden sand beach is among the best in all of Hawaii.  It is a very wide beach providing plenty of room for sun bathing.  Check before entering the water because some places are very rocky.  Be cautious of entering the water when the waves are large, generally in the winter.  Cooking grills, picnic tables, rest rooms, and showers are available but there are no lifeguards on duty.  This beach is often deserted and you will sometimes see no one else on the beach, not even a footprint along its three mile stretch.

Pohakuloa Beach   A protected cove makes this beach safe for swimming and snorkeling most of the year.  Because it is protected from dangerous waves, it is a popular beach for families and may get crowded at times.  The parking lot holds only about a dozen cars, but it is at the end of the road so parking beside the road is feasible.

Halawa Bay  Located at the far east end of the island, this is the best beach on the island.  Swimming is possible year round, but be extra careful during the winter months. 



Beaches on Other Islands

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Big Island
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