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Molokai Facts

Molokai is known as the Friendly Island and "The Most Hawaiian Island."  If you think you would like to visit the Hawaii of 50 years ago before shopping centers and high-rises dominated, you should go to Molokai.  It has very few tourists compared to other islands, except Lanai.  We overheard someone say, "Molokai doesn't really have a tourist industry, but they welcome visitors." 
It is the fifth largest island with approximately 7,000 residents and is the only island where native Hawaiians are still a majority.  Since

The environment is rural and relaxed.  There are no traffic lights, no bill boards, and no buildings over three stories high.   Kaunakakai town is the largest on the island.  There isn't a single stop light and main street is all of three blocks long.  There are no shopping malls but a number of small businesses offer a variety of shopping.

It is the closest neighbor to Oahu and can be seen from many points on Oahu's southeast side.  Western Molokai is dry with rolling hills while east Molokai is a tropical rain forest.  The spectacular north shore receives over 240 inches of rain a year producing green faced, deep ravines and 3,600-foot vertical sea cliffs.

Damiens Grave
Father Damien's Grave Site
Of course, Kalaupapa is the most famous site on the island.  It is the site of Father Damien's leper colony.  Many people visit it each year, but you have to arrange for a tour because uninvited visitors are not allowed and no one under 16 is allowed at any time.

Other than just visiting for a day trip, people who enjoy staying on Molokai for several days or longer come to experience empty beaches, hiking, kayaking, biking and horseback riding.  If you are looking for commercial luau's, fancy shops, and lush resorts, you shouldn't plan an extended stay on Molokai.


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