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This page currently has only one "reflection" but will expand in the future.  At various times the mood strikes us to "wax poetic" about the beautiful islands and the enjoyment they add to our lives.

Turtle Bay, Oahu -- September, 1999.
As I lay on the beach enjoying the day I wonder why days in Hawaii seem different from days I've known so many other places.  Isn't this the same sun, the same wind, the same earth and sea?  Perhaps it is the mix that is unique to these islands that makes it so different. 

My body and mind are at ease as my senses are saturated by gentle trade winds cooling the sun's warmth.  Ocean waves rise and fall rhythmically as the sun dances off ripples creating millions of watery diamonds sparkling in a widening "V" spreading from me to the horizon.  Fleecy white clouds of every shape and size seem in no hurry as they drift lazily by and eventually melt into the sea at the distant horizon.

I must soon leave this place of marvelous beauty.  My time here is measured in short intervals between reality periods of making a living.  But, while away I will remember and miss these things and long to return,  knowing the procession goes on without me.  While life has a greater purpose than the pursuit of pleasure, the anticipation of returning to this island paradise gives purpose to the mundane work-a-day world and heightens the other pleasures of life brought by the joys of family and life's accomplishments.


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