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Lanai Itinerary

Lanai is fairly small and largely undeveloped, so you can explore it in two or three days and still have time for a round of golf or time to relax at the pool or on the beach.  There is only one town and the island has only about 30 miles of paved road.  You won't find most of the sights below on the paved roads so you will need to rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you want to do any exploring.

Day 1
Hulopo'e Beach.  You probably came to Lanai to relax and get away from it all so start your stay with a visit to Lanai's only easily accessible swimming beach.  You can picnic,  sunbathe, or relax in the shade.  Brilliantly hued fish and gentle waves provide excellent snorkeling.

Day 2
Lu`ahiwa Petroglyphs:  ancient rock carvings on a steep slope overlooking the Palawai Basin.
Kaunolu:  The archaeological site of an ancient fishing village situated atop the island's highest sea cliffs.  Halulu Heiau here was considered a place of refuge for islanders who violated the kapu, or sacred laws.

Garden of the Gods
Entrance to Garden of the Gods
Day 3
Garden of the Gods:  A wind swept canyon where erosion has created striking scenes of red and black rocks scattered across a crimson landscape with the crystal blue sea in the distance.

Day 4
Munro Trail:  An eight-mile route that winds through lush tropical rain forest over the top of Lana'ihale which, at 3,370 feet is the highest point on the island.  On a clear day you can see all the major Hawaiian Islands except Kauai.  Off the Munro Trail is Maunalei Gulch Overlook above a 2,000-foot deep gulch.

Day 5
Shipwreck Beach:  An eight mile stretch of beach, portions of which are very rocky, where you can look for shells and other washed-up treasures.   There is a spectacular view of Molokai across the channel.


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