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Hawaii travel tips are listed below that can help ensure your vacation is the best ever.   

Planning your trip
Keep an eye out for specials in the travel section of newspapers and magazines.
Shop around in newspapers and online in addition to checking with a travel agent.  Call convention and visitors bureaus and visit their web sites for specials.
Let firms know you are shopping around.  Some hotels and rental car companies will match or beat the best deal offered by competitors.
Ask for discounts of all types; auto club, frequent flier programs, senior citizens, AARP, etc.
Join frequent use programs when they are free. 
When costs are the same select companies whose frequent use programs you already belong to.  Not only can you qualify for free or reduced rates, but you often get coupons and discounts in their regular mailings.  We belong to frequent use programs from airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and credit cards.
Kitchenettes help save food expenses.  Condo's do the same and also provide more room, especially for families.
Save by purchasing certain items at discount stores before you leave, rather than paying "tourist" prices: film, phone cards, suntan lotion, etc.
Confirm everything in advance yourself with airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc.


The Flight Over
In these days of cutbacks by airlines, if you're on an airline that charges for meals you might want to carry on your own food for the long flight.  It may save you a little money and you can take what you want to eat instead of picking from a small selection on the plane.
Setting for hours in a tight airline seat poses the risk of blood pooling in the legs causing blood clots.  We avoid long periods of immobility which can cause the problem, by wandering around for a few minutes every hour or so.
Pack only about half what you think you will need.  It's amazing how little you will need to wear on your trip to Hawaii.
BUT, if simply can't bring yourself to pack light, check the airline's web site or call them for limits on the number of bags, their size, and their weight.  Excess weight in a bag will often cost you $25 per bag, and extra bags can cost $75 or more depending on the airline.
Short sleeved shirts, shorts, swim suites, sandals, thongs, and good walking shoes are a must.  A pair of casual slacks will be useful for nice restaurants
Identify each piece of luggage with a name tag both outside and inside the case
Pack your identification, tickets, reservations, jewelry, cameras, essential medication, etc. in carry-on bags.
Consider packing one change of clothing and toiletries in a carry on in case your luggage is "delayed" in arriving.
Leave room to bring souvenirs home.
When you arrive
When you arrive, use coupons from street papers, magazines, etc.  It's expected.
Be aware that some activity booking agents advertise low prices but then tell you they are sold out and try to sell you more expensive activities.
It's against the law to have an open container of alcohol in your car or in public places such as beaches and beach parks.
Don't leave valuables in your rental car, on your beach towel, or laying in your hotel room.  Use the hotel safety deposit boxes.
Take a lot of photos for memories of your favorite sites and activities.  They are especially important on cold winter nights back home.
Obey the speed limit and wear your seat belt.
If drinking, always have a designated driver who isn't drinking.
When stopping your car, pull completely off the road.
Never enter the ocean alone to swim, snorkel, etc.  Never leave children in the water alone.
Check with lifeguards about water conditions and obey ocean warning signs.
Use sunscreen to avoid intense UV radiation and a sunburn that can ruin your trip.
Some sights may require hiking, but never hike alone.  
Care for the environment
Never touch coral reefs.  Coral takes years to grow and human touching kills it.
When hiking stay on trails.  It's safer and helps protect native plants.
Pack out all trash when hiking.  Leave the area as natural as you found it.

Please e-mail us if you have Hawaii travel tips you don't see listed above and we will include them.


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