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Planning Your Trip

Hawaii's attraction and lure can strike us at any time.  A daily event may trigger memories of a previous trip.  The picture of a beautiful beach in a magazine or newspaper may recall time spent on golden sand beaches in Hawaii.  Perhaps a sunset at home makes us recall a beautiful sunset off Waikiki or one of the neighbor islands.  Soon the thought of Hawaii sunsets, beaches, trade winds, palm trees, blue skies, and Island aloha have us planning a trip.  Check out the basics below in arranging your trip, especially if you haven't been to Hawaii before.
What times of year are best to go?
Which island(s) should you visit?  Take a quiz to help you decide your favorites.  Check out our favorite things on each island.
Should you use a travel agent?
What about package tours such as the ones you see in the travel section of newspapers?

Doing all or part of it yourself:
Airline reservations
Rental Cars

Miscellaneous tips you will be interested in that didn't fit in any of the above categories are found on this page.

  On-line travel sites don't always list the lowest fares or the most convenient travel itineraries.  They are often biased because some give preference to airlines that advertise with them and some of them omit the low-fare airlines.  Good deals can be found on the sites, but the only way you can be sure you have one is to check multiple sites. We check them regularly but sometimes find better fares on an airline’s web site than those listed on Expedia or Travelocity.
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Flowers Abound in the Islands


Exploring The Islands
Sightseeing, Beaches
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